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Adobe Reader Direct Download – Installing Acrobat Reader without Download Manager

If you’re like me and you hate it when formerly trustworthy software companies start slipping more and more garbage into essential software; if you just want to do a (required) update of some software and all of a sudden are forced to jump through hoops, install additional unnecessary components, download managers etc; if you just want a simple link to the download which seems to be impossible to find on the software vendor’s website; if you just want to update Adobe Acrobat Reader so that the annoying plugin message goes away from Google Chrome, look no further.

Adobe’s Direct FTP Site for Acrobat Reader

Here’s a link directly to Adobe’s Acrobat Reader FTP site. Just click here, and then you’ll have to dig into the folder structure a bit based on your platform and architecture, and the version you’re looking for. Good times.

  • Merskireyes

    plese improve my window 7 to install adobe

  • Sami N.

    Thanks for the link.

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